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7 Tips to Taming the Clutter in Your Home – Organizing Important Papers

Kat Downey - Executor Companion Kit

Getting more organized in the New Year is a common goal. I noticed that many stores are promoting storage bins to help people tame the clutter in their homes.   Getting more organized and regaining control of important papers can also provide a refreshing sense of control, accomplishment and peace of mind. Below are 7 tips to getting those important papers organized.

The important element is to start!

I find that I can spend more time procrastinating and creating diversions that take more time, than if I actually delved in and started!  And, yes there is a sense of peace of mind and accomplishment when you know where things are and can put your hand on your important papers quickly.

Here are 7 tips that I find helpful:

1.  Start with one area or file box.

2.  Set a time frame to work on this area, perhaps 20 minutes

3.  Sort like with like.  For example make a pile of all insurance papers, another pile of all investment papers, another pile of banking papers etc.

4.  Follow the OHIO Rule – Only Handle It Once.

5. Organize the papers by date – older dates to the front and most recent dates to the back.

6.  Create a labeled file folder for the papers and organize the files alphabetically

7.  Time’s up – Stop and Celebrate your Success!

By setting a definitive time frame and task objective, it is not so overwhelming when you chip away at the important papers and get things more organized.

Additionally, celebrating your success by doing something you enjoy more such as having a cup of tea or going for a walk, will motivate you to get started the next time on another area of important papers.

If you are not sure of what papers are important, I welcome you to click here and learn more about The Executor’s Companion Kit.  This is our adult baby book and is an easy, sequential way to organize your important papers.

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