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Are You Leaving Your Estate in Chaos?

The best gift you can give your children during your lifetime is your unconditional love.  The second best gift is to organize your important papers.  I have worked with people who are suddenly thrust into the chaos of closing their parent’s estate with little or no knowledge of what they have.  When asked if there is a company pension benefit that continues for their mom, the deer in the headlights look comes over their face and they say “I don’t know”.  Similarly, when asked if their dad had personal life insurance or if the mortgage was insured, there is a uniformly vague answer, “I don’t know, Dad never talked about that kind of stuff”.

I don’t believe that people would knowingly leave things in such as mess.  I choose to believe that people would organize things better.  However life tends to side track us with other things that come up; things that seems more important or are more interesting to do. Besides, there is always tomorrow… or is there?

I wonder what the true cost of our procrastination is when we have not taken the time to ask our Executor if they would act on our behalf when we die.  It also makes the work of the Executor much more difficult if they do not know what we have in assets, where these items are or what we want done with them.

Take a moment today and start.  Organize one drawer or file even, the point is to start and do a little bit each day.  In this way you are working toward leaving a legacy that matters.

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…Because your legacy matters,


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