D E A D is a Four Letter Word

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Does just reading the word’ dead’ make you cringle? You are not alone. Many people know on an intellectual level that preplanning a funeral makes a lot of sense. Yet, taking action is often difficult. Dead is a four letter word. Consider this as an acronym for Dead:

D Dare

E Educate

A Action

D Done

Dare to have the courage to Educate yourself about the emotional and financial advantages of preplanning and prepaying a funeral. When people raise their hand just a little bit to learn more about the advantages of funeral preplanning they are generally very pleased with themselves.

Emotionally preplanning your funeral is a loving gift for your family and friends. Taking a bit of time to let them know what you want and what you do not want is a tremendous relief. Doing this preplanning, eliminates the emotional stress and strain of making once in a life time decisions under duress. Of the thousands of funeral plans I have assisted people with I have never heard a family complain that what their loved one set up was wrong. The exact opposite is the case – they are grateful to fulfill your wishes.

Financially there are huge advantages as the future funeral cost is guaranteed. During your lifetime the money invested in a prepaid funeral certificate is held in a guaranteed, insured, and tax-free interest bearing certificate that is in your name. The rate of tax free interest on the certificate is from 2 – 4% depending on your age when the certificate is issued. Funeral Homes do not have access to this money until you die and then the certificate is paid out to the funeral home. After the funeral is paid for, if there is a shortfall the funeral home must absorb the loss. Any residual funds are returned to your estate. This is a financial win – win for life’s no win.

Take the Action – make an appointment with the preplanning director at a funeral home. You will likely need to gather some information prior to the appointment. You will need your SIN, your mother’s maiden name and birthplace and your father’s name and birthplace. People often ask why this information is needed. Under the Vital Statistics Act in Ontario this is part of the information needed to register a death.

It’s that easy to get this Done! It will take about an hour to complete the funeral preplanning file and contract. If you are clear about what you want or do not want the skilled preplanning funeral director can ask the proper questions and outline the appropriate eventual funeral plan that suits you wishes and beliefs.

Education Ignites Action – then you are A L I V E:

A Able

L Living

I Interesting

V Vibrant

E Enjoy

One lady said to me: “I feel like a million bucks. I have been thinking of doing this forever and I am so glad you help me set up a plan – Thank you.” Often the funeral preplanning piece of Leaving a Loving Legacy is rattling around in our head. Yes that’s a good idea, I should do this. Then our lives get busy and we get side-tracked. The funeral preplanning piece gets shoved to the back again. For all you procrastinators out there, I would like you all to show a bit of courage. Raise your hand and say” I am going to call the funeral home, I am going to get this done this time”.

For those people who have had the courage there is a huge cognitive relief to know that they have looked after one of life’s inevitable events. Taking the funeral planning piece out of your mind and onto paper frees you up to live an interesting, vibrant and enjoyable LIFE!

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Katherine Downey is the #1 Funeral Preplanning Professional in Canada for the fourth time. She is a professional educator and licensed funeral director specializing in prepaid funeral planning. To set up an appointment or have your questions answered, please contact her directly.


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