Executor of Estate Advisor Services

Advanced Care Plan - Executor Services Mississauga

There are 2 Ways I Can Help People

  1. When a person is still alive
  2. After a loved one has passed away

How I can help you during your lifetime to set up an Effective Estate Plan

  1. Organize your important papers
  2. Identify any gaps and fill them in
  3. Set up a Funded eventual Funeral Arrangement
  4. Protect travel risks with the Travel Repatriation Coverage
  5. Prepare a Power of Attorney for Personal Care
  6. Prepare a Power of Attorney for Property
  7. Prepare a Simple Will

How I can help you after a loved one has died

  1. Continuing Care Follow Up to protect against identity theft and apply for applicable benefits
  2. Advertise for Creditors
  3. Advertise for location of a Will
  4. Executor Coach/Advisor
  5. Estate Risk Assessment
  6. Next Best Steps to set up an Effective Estate Strategy

Amidst the potential chaos and confusion after the loss of a loved one, our Continuing Care Program is here to help. We are here to help you apply for  CPP Death Benefits and Spousal/Child benefit, federal and provincial as well as personal benefits where applicable.

Additionally we will help you protect the personal identity of your loved one and discuss effective estate strategies and your next best steps to help you create an Effective Estate Plan.


Kat’s visit after my mom died was so helpful with the documents and explanation of how to proceed with the legal requirements.

A. Smith - Oakville

It was lovely meeting with you yesterday and working through the documentation for mum.  Your advice was extremely helpful.

E.M. - Oakville

Here is a testimonial from Kat to CICEA about their incredible offerings.