Express Appreciation for Your Dad This Father’s Day

father's dayWith Father’s Day on the horizon many of us have the opportunity to share time with our dad’s to express our appreciation of their unconditional love and how their influence has shaped our lives.

My dad is not of the generation that was hands on with the family.  However he was an excellent provider. What dad is particularly proud of is that he was “Freedom 55.” As a career agent with London Life Insurance, dad retired at 55 years of age and is thrilled that he is now retired longer than he worked.  Well done Dad.  He also scheduled the first 2 weeks of August every year to take the family camping, first with a tent, and later a trailer.  Dad seemed to love driving even with two annoying kids in the back seat.  Throughout the years I have seen Canada from coast to coast, and portions of the United States.

Dad also made sure that we had music lessons, taking my brother and me to our clarinet lessons on Saturday morning. I also found my passion for furniture refinishing and stained glass creation with my dad, during the courses we took together over the years.  Dad that was fun. Thank you.

For some this is a sad day as you dad may no longer be physically with you. This can be especially painful if this is the first Father’s Day without your dad.  I think the spirit is still around and appreciates the love and gratitude sent his way.  Reflecting on happier times may also help to ease the loss in your heart.

For others sadly father’s day may not be a happy occasion as the sense of father may not bring to mind loving memories.  Perhaps, the notion of forgiveness and the knowledge that they did the best job they were able to do, my bring some peace of mind to you.  Maybe this year is the year you can mend fences, and take care of the:  should haves, would haves, or could haves, or perhaps there are lessons to learn that have influenced how you are a positive father to your children.  Because, where would we be without our Father?  Quite literally not here at all!

I hope you can have a joyous celebration on Father’s Day this year. Tell me how you plan to spend it. I love getting feedback. And don’t forget to leave a link back to your own blog too via the commentluv feature here on the site.

Until next time,


P.S. Dad, let’s go for a drive on Father’s day


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