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Is Cremation Right for You? – 12 Questions to Consider

cremation2Increasingly more people are preplanning and selecting cremation as their preferred eventual form of disposition. The rationale that people share with me is that they feel it is easier for the family and that it will be less expensive. Very likely this is the case, yet I would ask you to consider the following 12 questions to be sure this is right for you and that it is the most suitable option that reflects your values, wishes, and the needs of your family.

1. Do you want your family and friends to see you one last time before cremation?
2. Would you want visiting before cremation?
3. Would you want a service before cremation?
4. Would this service be secular or non-secular?
5. Where would the service be held?
6. Do you want visiting after cremation?
7. Do you want a service after cremation?
8. Do you want a celebration or memorial service to honour your life?
9. Who are we to take direction from regarding your wishes?
10.What would you like to be done with your cremated remains?
11.Would you want a newspaper notice?
12.Would you want a reception, and if so, what does that look like?

Very often people decide that cremation is what they want, however, there are many other decisions to make along with this to be sure that your family has this one-time-only opportunity to celebrate and honour your life.

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