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Landing Papers – Who Knew They Are so Important?!

bigstock-Passport-Stamps-4027299As part of our After Care program, I was recently assisting a man with some of the necessary paperwork involved in closing part of his mom’s estate.  One of the questions I asked him was if his mom had a valid Canadian Passport?  He replied that she did not; rather she had a valid British Passport.  In the course of our conversation I asked him if I could look at the passport.  One great part of my job is that I get to look at old marriage certificates, immigration papers, passports, or birth certificates.  I love the stamps and seals or markings on these documents.  Often the writing is very precise as well. This I find very interesting.

Inside his mom’s passport an IMM 1000 was stapled.  He immediately declared, “So that’s where it is, I was looking for this.”  I asked him what he needed an IMM 1000 for and he replied that this form is needed to apply for his Old Age Security monthly payment from the Income Securities Program. This document is the proof required that an individual was born outside of Canada and immigrated with his parents.  This is not needed for the Canadian Pension Plan monthly payment, as this is based on contributions made to the CPP throughout one’s working career in Canada.  However, ‘Landing Papers’, or form IMM 1000 is the Canadian Immigrant Identification Card required to apply for and claim the Old Age Security monthly payment.

It was a huge relief for this man to find the IMM 1000 as without this document, he would have had to go through a more arduous process.  Can you imagine that after 55 plus years you might have to find your Public School report cards and then have them notarized to make a claim for your OAS monthly payment?  In this case his school was no longer there – it had burned down years ago.

It was especially gratifying for him to find the IMM 1000 as his mom had suffered from Alzheimer’s for the past 8 years or so.  It was a remarkable gift she gave him by being organized and stapling the Immigration Identification Card into her passport. This made the process of applying for his OAS from Canada’s income securities program so much easier.

When she was first diagnosed with Alzheimer’s she continued to leave a loving legacy, by organizing her bank accounts and investments, closing her credit cards, selling her home, naming beneficiaries on her life insurance all to make the process or closing her estate as easy as possible for her son.

That’s leaving a loving Legacy!

If you immigrated into Canada with your parents and will be applying for OAS, maybe now is the time to find your Landing Papers so that your application process can be a smooth as possible.

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  1. Victoria says:

    What a great story – and this certianly does sound like a fun part of your job! It goes to show a little bit of organization goes a long way 🙂 Thanks for sharing, Kat.

    • Kat says:

      Thank you for commenting on the blog I appreciate this and yes it is certainly valuable to know where your important papers are!


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