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Settling Foreign Property in an Estate


bigstock-cheerful-middle-aged-woman-emb-48853013How many times have your heard a change in the tone or inflection of your parents voice? Did you find your ears perked up and then you knew you’d better listen to what was going to come next? This happens to us even when we are adult children. We all know that tone of voice, commanding our attention. Unfortunately even as adults, we may not “listen” and then wish we had especially when it comes time to settling an estate!

Recently a lady I was assisting to close off some of her dad’s estate documents, lamented this same fact.  She said “Kat, I wish I had listened.  Every other year we went to Portugal with our father and he mentioned several times that he wanted to show us the property he owned there.  Well you know how it goes, there are things to see, things to do, other family members to visit and well …………,  I never did get the specific information or locations of the property dad owned.  Now that he has died, I need to deal with selling this property and honestly, I do not even know where it is.  My other family members in Portugal are not sure either.  Oh I wish I had listened and paid more attention to what my dad wanted to share with me.”

Complicating this issue, is that to deal with estate work in Portugal from Canada, the executor/rix needs what is called a Certified Death Certificate.  This is an official, provincially issued Death Certificate, that must be applied for from the Province and there is a fee is associated with this document.  Also it takes 6 to 8 weeks for the Province to process and issue the Certified Death Certificate. Meanwhile, the clock is ticking for countries such as Portugal that have tight time frames on closing estates.

What can you do if this is a scenario you anticipate but your parents are still an active part of your life? Fortunately, you still have time. The next occasion that these types of issues are raised, take a moment to sit and listen, and record what is being shared.  Perhaps documents need to be located, translated or notarized or other actions taken that are so much easier to complete when your parents are still alive and able to communicate their wishes.

This applies to you as well.  If you know of property, investments or professional associates that your partner does not know about, why not at least write down the information so that others will know as well.   Better yet, share this information with your Executor so that you are creating and leaving a loving legacy.

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