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What Do You Do If Someone Dies At Home?

bigstock-Old-Hand-Care-Elderly-7749577People have often asked me what to do if someone were to die at home. There are actually two scenarios to consider. The first scenario is if a person dies suddenly and unexpectedly at home. The second scenario is a palliative care person choosing to die at home.  In this blog post, I will discuss what to do in both cases.

1. Sudden Death

In this scenario, 911 Emergency Services are called and the responding Police, Fire and Medical Emergency personnel will arrive at the home. Very likely the Coroner will be called to the scene as well. The Coroner’s Office has the highest authority in the Province or Territory and it will literally be the Coroner’s decision of whether an autopsy will be performed at the coroner’s office or whether the body will be released through the Coroner’s Office to the attending Funeral Home.

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