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Going Down Green – 5 Criteria for an Eco-Friendly Burial

eco friendly burialEco-friendly, natural or Green earth burial is gaining momentum. According to a 2013 study done by the Natural Burial Association of Canada, 50% of respondents viewed natural burial favorably, after they were aware of this option. On March 7, 2013 the Green Burial Society of Canada (GBSC) was incorporated as a society. At the AGM, this not-for-profit organization developed 5 criteria for green or natural burial designation:

1. No embalming
2. Simple covering of the deceased such as a shroud or simple box
3. No concrete liner or vault
4. Simple memorialization
5. Some aspect of habitat enhancement Read more

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Making Eco-Friendly Choices about Your Funeral Arrangements

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Being environmentally aware all your life, you intentionally lighten your environmental footprint.  Increasingly, people are considering making eco-friendly or green choices for their departure from earth in terms of their funeral arrangements.

The three R’s of environmental responsibility can be adapted to end of life planning as well.  Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.


Not so long ago the “traditional” funeral would involve 2 even 3 days of visitation, followed by a funeral service and then burial in a cemetery.

This is changing.  Often people want to minimize the time commitment and stress on their loved ones by having one day of visiting and the funeral service or celebration of life service the next day.  There is another option of having the visiting and the funeral or celebration of life service all on the same day.

Other ways to reduce the time and distance traveled by people is:

  • on line funeral,
  • memorial,
  • tributes, or celebration of life services.

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