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Parenting our Parents – Now What?

bigstock-Senior-woman-gets-a-kiss-from--50044583Life is a circle; there is an alpha and an omega, a beginning and an end for all of us.  Throughout our lifetime our parents have guided and directed us to the best of their abilities.  As our parents move through their life circle, many of us find we are now parenting our parents. The challenge is to do so while continuing to respect their dignity, capacity, and control.

This fragile balance can shift suddenly with a change in health, mobility, or capacity. Are you prepared?

My Dad does the driving for errands and appointments.  Recently he had a hip replacement so no more driving!  Mom is comfortable driving short distances but not outings for a myriad of doctors’ appointments or errands further away from home.  This is a game changer for the family and caused one of those ‘family discussions’.

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7 Tips to Taming the Clutter in Your Home – Organizing Important Papers

Kat Downey - Executor Companion Kit

Getting more organized in the New Year is a common goal. I noticed that many stores are promoting storage bins to help people tame the clutter in their homes.   Getting more organized and regaining control of important papers can also provide a refreshing sense of control, accomplishment and peace of mind. Below are 7 tips to getting those important papers organized.

The important element is to start!

I find that I can spend more time procrastinating and creating diversions that take more time, than if I actually delved in and started!  And, yes there is a sense of peace of mind and accomplishment when you know where things are and can put your hand on your important papers quickly.

Here are 7 tips that I find helpful:

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