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When Your Spouse Won’t Discuss Death

I really want to preplan my funeral arrangements but my Husband/Wife won’t talk about it. Are you someone who has a spouse who won’t discuss death? I have heard this many times, and it is frustrating for the partner that would like to organize things ahead of time, not to be able to take advantage of the opportunity.

It is frustrating when one partner has the veto power and the other partner has to follow along and keep the peace in the relationship. Often the partner that wants to organize things ahead of time, can see the emotional and financial advantages of doing this.  Yet they must bite their tongue and go along with the usually uninformed decision of their partner.

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Are your Affairs in Order?

18766738_sFive words that will change your life:  “Are your affairs in order?” or perhaps you know someone who has been told “You better get your affairs in order.”

When people hear this, there has usually been a sudden change in their health, serious illness, an accident or even imminent death.  Of the approximately 300,000 deaths per year in Canada about 30% of these are sudden and unexpected.  The remaining 70% of these deaths or 200,000 deaths are known and expected.  Are your affairs in order? –  Is the gift of time.

How the individual hearing these words or their loved ones’ deals with this knowledge can be very diverse.  Certainly there can be anger, denial, procrastination, and any myriad of other emotions.  Or these words can ignite action.

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