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Dispelling 3 Cremation Myths

bigstock-Religion-death-and-dolor--f-24592610On Sunday while at my parent’s place to celebrate Father’s Day with my dad, their neighbor started to ask me questions about cremation. And during this conversation I realized that some of the things that she thought were true – in fact are not so I thought it might be helpful to write this blog to dispel 3 myths about Cremation.

1. When a person dies and they want cremation they go directly to the Crematorium, Right?  No, this is not the case.

When a person dies and they select cremation as the form of disposition, the body is taken to the Funeral Home of choice. When a person dies, a Medical Certificate of Death is signed and once the paperwork is completed by the hospital,  the body is then said to be released.  This is when the funeral home will send a licensed funeral director to the place of death and transfer the deceased to the Funeral Home.  Once the body is at the funeral home a Coroner is called to view the deceased at the funeral home and sign a Cremation Application.  The Coroner’s Office has the highest authority in the province of Ontario and the Coroner’s signature is verifying that there is nothing suspicious about why or how the person died.  Otherwise further investigation may take place and the body would not be cremated. When the death has been registered with the province and the Cremation Application complete, then the body is taken to the Crematorium.

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