Here is what some of our clients have to say…

Thank you for all the support we received during this difficult time.  Kat was so thoughtful and informative.  We certainly depended on you – thank you.

Mr. M Oakville

Kat Downey was extremely helpful when she visited my home.  She helped me complete forms and gave sound advice. Very empathetic. 

Mrs. P.Oakville

Thank you, Kat, for sending me more information.

The presentation was a good overview of the important and practical responsibilities that one has to consider in dealing with issues regarding death. It also was helpful to hear about some of the options that are available. I will be giving further thought and consideration as to what I might change/add in my own situation.

Thanks you for your helpful presentation. I will keep your contact info in my file.


I can attest to the value of pre-planning. My Mom died a few weeks ago at home and thankfully we pre-planned everything with Kat just a week before. After she passed, one simple phone call was all that was needed. We were mentally and physically exhausted at that point. What a sense of peace for my Dad and our family.
We have everything pre-arranged for my Dad’s passing now too.
Thank you Kat for the important work you do.


Must say, my friend, how kind you were when I lost Jim….. you made a difference in my journey….. thanks for reaching out when I truly needed it! Thank you for organizing my funeral arrangements. I am now glad this is completed and now paid for, and my children know my wishes. It makes less worry for all of us…. Thank you for gently advising me, when life was dark and made no sense!


I realized how much trouble it was for the family and didn’t want others to have to do my arrangements for me. Kat was very friendly and I felt comfortable with her.

C & SOakville

Katherine was very pleasant and helpful.

Ms. GOakville

Kat is a delight. She has a good sense of humour and is informative. She provided good reading materials, is always available, approachable and was sensitive to our needs.

Mrs. D.Oakville

One of our son’s has special needs. Kat was great. She is very dignified.

I & MOakville

Kat was very good – can’t offer any suggestions for improvement!

Mr. & Mrs. F.Oakville

After attending Kat’s seminar, I came away with a much clearer picture of the importance of being properly prepared and capable of dealing with all of the legal issues surrounding the death of a loved one. I plan to share what I learned with my parents and siblings.

D.S.Mount Albert

My wife and I attended the seminar on executorship and responsibilities of estate planning…. We found the seminar to be interesting informative and helpful. A few things that have “stuck” re the information provided….

• organize, organize, organize so the surviving relatives can understand and expedite any estate matters
• talk to everyone and all openly and candidly re “my” wishes at the end…

The seminar was professionally presented with humour and lots of useful information….

A & REast Gwillimbury

I got your voice message and want to confirm that I received both [sic]’s Certificate as well as my membership confirmation in Secure Return Assurance Plan.

Thank you for making all this a smooth operation!


I first met Kat in the fall of 2016. I was planning a trip to Europe – 4 flights in all. As I’m not a fan of flying, I found myself agonizing about the impending trip as well as all the ‘what if’ scenarios. If something was to happen I thought about the stress and financial burden on my children. I met with Kat and after careful consideration I enrolled in the SAFE RETURN plan. In a nutshell, if I were to pass away in Europe, my remains would be brought back to my home here in Oakville.

This assurance and safety net gave me great peace of mind and I went on my travels as planned. While Kat informed me about PREPAID FUNERAL ARRANGEMENTS at the same time, I was not ready to explore this. My mind was put at ease and I appreciated the no pressure approach that Kat displayed. I told her I would think about it and get back to her once I made up my mind.

I met with Kat again in 2017 when I was ready to take the next step and enroll in Prepaid Funeral Arrangements. Kat helped me understand fully my options as well as really think about what the celebration of my life would look  like.

All of a sudden it dawned on me – I have choices and I’m in the drivers seat.  I could have the ‘celebration’ reflect my life, my loves, my passions and take the onerous task from those I love at a very difficult time for all.

Thank you Kat for your time, your patience and most of all for ‘hearing’ what is important to me.  I feel a certain peace now that all that’s arranged. It was not the melancholy process that I imagined it to be. I’m now more informed and understand all that is required at the time of someone’s passing.

I feel a sense of gratitude for having met Kat. She is one special lady and obviously is very committed to the amazing job she is doing every day

Thank you again
Sandra B