safe return assistance planSafe Return Assistance Plan – Life Membership

If you’re a traveler or even a commuter, think about the safe return assistance plan.

This one time insurance purchase covers all costs associated with bringing home a loved one who dies 100 km (60 miles) or more from their legal residence in North America. A fabulous product.


  • no age limit to enroll
  • no medical questions asked
  • return of travel companion
  • no limit to number of days traveled each year
  • no limit to costs incurred
  • all claims are handled immediately on the family’s behalf
  • coverage is with the participant 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the rest of your life
  • all communication and translation services are included
  • any necessary legal referrals
  • payable as single payment or
  • 12 monthly payments (please contact me directly for this option)
Only $442.00 CDN plus HST

How does it work?  Watch Kat explain in this short video: