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What Happens to Gold in Teeth Upon Cremation?

cremation and gold teethWith the price of gold, the question “what happens to the gold in my teeth when I am cremated?” has been asked of me a few times recently. A friend’s mother for example has always said “don’t cremate me with all this gold in my mouth!” Contrary to popular belief there is actually very little gold in the gold dental crowns, caps or bridges that people have in their mouths.

During the process of cremation, the retort (or chamber where the body is placed), is registered at 1800ºC. During the 3 – 4 hours that the retort is active, the gold in the dental work oxidizes. Many people think that the gold vaporizes and this is not the case. Gold vaporizes above 2000°C.

The gold in dental work oxidizes and looks like black droplets. The “gold” is unrecognizable and unrecoverable as it is not magnetic. The blackened gold droplets are returned in the cremated remains.

One person asked me if the Funeral Home would take out the gold dental work prior to cremation. The answer is an emphatic ‘NO’. I asked a dental colleague if he would ever consider doing this for someone and his answer was also an emphatic ‘NO’.

This is an interesting question, and from my friend’s perspective she was relieved that she would not be able to fulfill her mom’s request. Sometimes people make outrageous statements like this and tell people what they want to have happen when they die and yet, the request is something that the family cannot make happen and they feel stressed by not being able to fulfill their loved one’s request.

The solution is to educate yourself now and make your funeral plans in advance. Also make known what you would like to have happen when you die and ensure your loved ones know where your wishes are recorded. The best way to do this is to pre-plan and pre-pay your funeral arrangements now.

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