When is the “Right” Time to Consider Prepaid Funeral Planning?

funeral preplanner MississaugaThis weekend I was at the Toronto Zoomer Show helping out in our ‘Funeral Planning Made Simple’ booth. It was enormously interesting to watch people look at the banner – Funeral Planning … and then look away quickly; not making any eye contact with me. They would scowl, mutter, swear, sigh, shake their head and keep on walking. The people who read the banner and commented said things like: “I’m not ready yet”, “It’s too soon”, “That’s not something I want to talk about”, “I don’t care what my family does, I’ll be dead.” So my question to you is, when is the “right” time to talk about and make prepaid funeral arrangements? Why is it that the general public does not want to talk about their eventual mortality?

I think on a conscious level we do know that there is an entry date and expiry date for all of us. Yet most people seem resistant to look into the range of funeral options and make plans that fit their values and budget.

Ironically the people who had made their funeral plans were quite proud of this and shared their experiences with me. One lady said: “I thought it would be very depressing to talk about my eventual funeral plans. My experience was the exact opposite. We were actually laughing and had a good time overall. I am very glad that I have things in place and now my kids don’t have to wonder about what I want or how to pay for it.”

I know when the worst time is to look at funeral pre-planning. This is when your family has to do this for you. Last week I met with a lady and her two daughters at the funeral home because her husband is in palliative care. Imagine the stress and strain on her, trying to figure out how to celebrate her husband’s life. He would never talk about this and had never told her if he wanted to be buried or cremated. Now he can’t and she will have to work out the best plan she can, with the input from her daughters, and our assistance at the funeral home.

So how can we begin this necessary dialogue? What is it that you would need you hear, see, feel, know about, that would motivate you to talk about your prepaid funeral plans? I welcome your feedback! Share your thoughts on this with me. And when you are ready, I am here to help. You can connect with me via email or telephone, leave a comment right here on the site or click the contact tab at the bottom of the screen if you are reading this post on the website.

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