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Tombstone to Monument: Part 2, Flat Marker

According to Random House College Dictionary, the term tombstone originally referred to a stone marker that was usually inscribed on a tomb or grave

In this 4 part blog series I will talk about upright, flat, pillow and digital markers.  This blog will focus on the flat marker.

There are many things to consider when arranging for a memorial marker.

A flat marker can be used to commemorate a person or an event.  A flat marker is also called a grass marker, as this type of memorial marker is sited on the ground.  Flat markers are typically made of granite or bronze.

If it is a flat marker the first consideration is the cemetery regulations.  Cemetery by-laws regulate the placement of flat markers on graves within their grounds.  The rules and regulations will also stipulate the size, materials and type of flat marker allowed.  Before your finalize your order be sure you are in compliance with the Cemetery regulations, as they can and are known to refuse the placement of an flat  marker that does not comply with their by-laws.

Can a Flat Marker Be Personalized?

A flat marker can also be personalized with emblems or symbols that are carved into the granite or attached to the bronze plaque. To the right is a very small sample of the personalization options available.

How much does a Flat Marker cost?

Several factors are involved in the price of flat marker.  Factors that will influence the cost include: the size, type of material, personalization details, number of letters, and the type of engraving or etching on the stone.  Included in the pricing of a flat marker will be the foundation that the marker is placed on, as well as the installation cost of siting the flat marker.

For information on upright markers, please see my previous blog by clicking here.  And stay tuned for my upcoming blogs on pillow and digital markers.

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Ps.   Tombstone is also the name of a city southeast of Tucson, Arizona named by prospector Ed Schieffelin who found silver there in 1877 after being told all he would find was his tombstone.  Tombstone became one of the richest and most lawless frontier mining towns.

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What Needs to Be Done When Someone Dies?

I had three calls this week from colleagues asking me to guide them through the process of what has to happen when a loved one dies.  Unfortunately in each case there was no preplanning nor had the families had any conversations about what type of funeral the deceased wanted.  Imagine their total bewilderment and shock at having to make important once in a life time decisions – all while they are in a state of total emotional overwhelm.

I think we could all agree that this is not the optimal state of mind to be in to have to make funeral decisions.  Especially when there are so many steps involved that haven’t been thought about.  To give you an idea of this comprehensive list, I have prepared a short list of just a few of the many steps involved in what needs to be done when someone dies. Read more

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Taking Care of Business Executor Workbook – 2nd Edition

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At this time of year many of us turn our thoughts to holiday preparation. What will the menu be, how will I find the time to do all the shopping and how can we juggle our time to visit among various families? Then before we know it, all the preparations and festivities are over. Between Christmas and the New Year many of us take time to reflect on the holiday season and put thought into getting more organized for the coming year. In preparation for that reflective time, I am thrilled to announce the launch of the 2nd edition of Taking Care of Business – Executor’s Workbook! Read more