executor's workbook 3rd edition

Taking Care of Business Executor’s Workbook & Guide

3rd Edition

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Get Your Affairs in Order Before It’s Too Late!

This comprehensive workbook was designed to help you through the process of funeral preplanning, choosing an Executor, and preparing the information about your estate for your Executor. It’s what I call “Taking Care of Business” for your family and friends. But perhaps you’ll recognize it as a way of answering the question that people know they need to deal with but they avoid as long as possible . . . you know the one . . . “Are your affairs in order?”

The workbook has 12 sections. The first section of the workbook talks about the role of the Executor and things you need to consider when choosing an Executor. Sections 2 to 12 are about what information you need to collect for your Executor and why they’ll need it. I’ve provided tips and forms to help you record that information. You will need to set up a 12-section filing system. You may choose to use a binder, file box, or virtual documents.

Taking Care of Business Workshops

You can complete the workbook on your own, with someone, or you can attend one of my “Taking Care of Business” workshops. The goal is to collect your information and file it in your own folder. Your Executor will need this information to close your estate. There’s no perfect sequence as to how you collect the information, just remember to Celebrate Your Success when you’ve completed each topic or section. One more very important thing, you’ll have to keep the information up to date.

Create Peace of Mind for Yourself and Your Loved Ones

Clients tell me they feel an immense sense of relief when this workbook is complete. They are able to go on with their life knowing that they’ve helped their loved ones cope with a difficult time in the days, weeks, and months after their death.

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