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2 Ways to Reduce Costs of Paying for a Funeral

funeral costs copyHave you ever wondered how you would pay for a funeral? I am sure you have heard that funerals are expensive – right?  Not necessarily! People are conscious of not spending a lot on a funeral and getting excellent value for what they do select. Here are 2 ways to help reduce the cost. Read more

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What Happens if I Can’t Pay For a Funeral?

bigstock-Grieving-Family-4457703Have you ever asked the question ‘what happens if I can’t pay for the funeral?’ If people have not prepaid part of all of their funeral expenses, then their next of kin or whoever signed the funeral contract are responsible to pay the funeral account.  Many Funeral Homes will require a deposit prior to making any arrangements on your behalf and some Funeral Homes require payment in full by the day the funeral services are provided.

This can cause extreme disagreements between brother and sister as to the type and level of merchandise to select for mom or dad’s funeral.  I know of two brothers’ that agreed to split dad’s funeral cost 50/50.  The one brother put the full account on his credit card and the other promised to write him a cheque for his half of the funeral cost.  Well that cheque never got written after several requests for reimbursement.  The outcome?  These brothers’ have not spoken to each other in 25 years!  Is this worth 50% of the cost of the funeral?

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