why you need a legal will
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8 Reasons Why You Need a Legal Will

Who needs a legal Will? Every adult of mental capacity over the age of 18 years!

But, I Don’t Have Any Assets

Many people say that they do not have any assets therefore they do not need a legal will.  This is not true.  You may have few assets, yet you still need someone to be your legal voice for you when you die.

The main objective of a will is to name a person to be your Estate Trustee, to act on your behalf and to close off your estate when you die.

If you were to witness the family dysfunction, additional costs and emotional and physical turmoil that people go through when there is not a Will in place, I think you would seriously reconsider your rational to not have a valid Will.

Is Drafting a Legal Will Expensive?

Drafting a will does not have to be expensive.  There are no–cost and low-cost ways to draft a valid will.

Having a valid will in place shows that you care for your family, friends, pets and favorite charities.

Having a Valid Will Allows For:

  1. You to decide who will look after your minor children
  2. You to decide who will look after your pets
  3. Deciding who gets your assets
  4. Faster and easier settlement of your Estate
  5. Transfer of your estate in a tax effective manner
  6. Lower administration cost of your Estate
  7. Less taxes paid to the Provincial and Federal Government
  8. You to leave a bequest to your favorite charity

In short, having a valid Will in place protects the people you care about.

If you are not sure how to start or what makes a Will valid, all you have to do is connect with me and let’s chat.

It truly is that easy.

Remember where there is a Will there is a way to leave a loving legacy – because Your Legacy Matters.

I would love to hear from you and help get the conversation started.  You can connect with me via email or telephone, leave a comment here on the site or click the contact tab at the bottom of the screen if you are reading this post on the website. Don’t forget to join in the conversation on Facebook and Twitter too.

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Katherine Downey is the #1 Funeral Preplanning Professional in Canada for the fourth time. She is a professional educator, author, licensed funeral director and insurance advisor. Not only is she a Certified Professional Consultant on Ageing and an Executive Advisor, but she is compassionately understanding.  To set an appointment or have your questions answered, please contact Kat directly

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Are your Affairs in Order?

18766738_sFive words that will change your life:  “Are your affairs in order?” or perhaps you know someone who has been told “You better get your affairs in order.”

When people hear this, there has usually been a sudden change in their health, serious illness, an accident or even imminent death.  Of the approximately 300,000 deaths per year in Canada about 30% of these are sudden and unexpected.  The remaining 70% of these deaths or 200,000 deaths are known and expected.  Are your affairs in order? –  Is the gift of time.

How the individual hearing these words or their loved ones’ deals with this knowledge can be very diverse.  Certainly there can be anger, denial, procrastination, and any myriad of other emotions.  Or these words can ignite action.

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